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Educational consultants specialising in developmental disorders 


What we do

At Mophosis Education we want to give parents and professionals, as well as of course children themselves, the tools to ensure they can flourish in their lives and in the educational system.

Experienced Professionals

Katerina is a Psychologist, graduate of the University of Birmingham, whose PhD and ongoing research has focused on child development, predominantly language development in children and Autism. She has a range of experience including lecturing, being a school governor, additional support teacher, tutor and working with early years in nursery settings. She recently accepted a post at the University of Gloucestershire.


We provide a range of assessments which are used to better understand the areas in which your child might require additional support. 

Bespoke support 

Every child is unique and so should be the approach we take when supporting them.  

Information and training 

Training and events aimed at parents and professionals interested in child development.

About Morphosis 

Morphosis Education is an educational consultancy specialising in supporting children, their families and wider network through potential developmental disorder diagnosis and intervention. We aims to address the problematic waiting times often faced by children who are suspected of needing additional support. Morphosis offers a range of services including assessments for children who may require additional support, short and long term 1:1 work with children, families and school, bespoke school training programmes, and events aimed to help increase the reach and use of up to date research in developmental psychology for all those interested. 
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Our services

We divide our work into three distinct but overlapping categories: work with children, work with schools, and training & events.

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